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Turkey Tail, Wild harvested (Trametes versicolor) - Dried Powder

Turkey Tail, Wild harvested (Trametes versicolor) - Dried Powder

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This beautiful and Medicinally important Seasonal Delight abounds the Catskill Forest once again! Turkey Tail has been extensively studied in cancer patients with very positive results! Further clinical findings here

Turkey Tail has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, Eastern European and throughout Asia as a tonic. The Bioactive compounds PSK and PSP, (polysaccharide compounds) isolated from were shown to improve immune function in patients with a number of cancers and compliment when used along with chemotherapy regimens, PSK has been shown to benefit patients with prostate cancer, leukemias, and liver cancer of the stomach, lung, liver, prostate, esophagus, uterus, ovary, cervix, breast, rectum.

Studies also found activity against HIV and herpes 30 mg/day shows a prevention rate of 51.2% against sarcoma & cancer cells! Anti-inflammatory Rheumatoid arthritis Crohn's disease Has been shown to regulate blood sugar Persistent or intermittent fevers Chronic diarrhea Periodic neuralgia Nervous headaches Excessive urination Jaundice

Turkey Tail also makes an amazingly medicinal and delicious Mushroom Miso stock I'll have you know!!!!!

Sustainable Sorcerers carefully harvests these Turkey Tail mushrooms for maximum medicinal potential in their respective season and their spawn also distributed amongst other dead and dying hardwoods in our forest to aid in beneficial native regeneration practices, as well to culture our own plugs and mycelium for future mushroom log production efforts.

Careful low heat drying to best preserve flavor and medicinal properties of this culinary delight is taken, with no need for Sulphur or any additives, these mushrooms are harvested deep in the pristine spring fed woods far from roads. Their future spawn cultured to felled wood for future generations as part of our regenerative Forestry practices!

Happy to share our bounty and blessings with you and supporting our native species preservation work and Sustainable forestry Solutions efforts!

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