From a young age I paid attention to my grand folk which helped foster a reverence for the land. With their passed down wisdom of traditional Appalachian folk medicine and community way of life it sparked the passion in me to nurture and protect traditional medicines, a good way of life, and to teach and educate others. Our work now focuses on enhancing native habitats, protecting biodiversity while creating abundance and working with, not against nature!
Our land within the Catskills pristine Mettacahonts/Peekamoose watershed is where we are nurturing and forest farming native medicinals such as Goldenseal, Bloodroot, Cohoshes and Ginseng.  Patches of Ramps can be found amongst the maple & birch trees we tap in the winter, while our bees buzz about pollinating the garden & forest.  When not tending our land & creating products to share from our foraging & growing adventures - we work directly with clients planting them their very own native medicine patches and inoculating trees with medicinal & culinary mushrooms.  Revitalizing our woodlands one project at a time!