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Caledonian Sandalwood Essential Oil Organic New Zealand Ethically Sourced

Caledonian Sandalwood Essential Oil Organic New Zealand Ethically Sourced

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This Organically produced Sandalwood Absolute we are offering is sourced from Regenerative Forestry initiatives in New Caledonian Forests of New Zealand!

Organic cold extracted process imparts a rich, woody, warm and sweet aroma of the indigenous Santalum album austrocaledonicum.  

The essential oil of Sandalwood contains antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and anti-spasmodic characteristics. Sandalwood has been used in the South Pacific islands for over hundreds of years, where it has been used for perfumery and burning, to create a relaxing ambiance.

Due to its highly coveted fragrance, the essential oil produced from Sandalwood is often used in aromatherapy and is added to soaps and cosmetics. It is also used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of both somatic and mental disorders, including common colds, bronchitis, fever, urinary tract infections, and inflammation. In some cases, positive effects combatting anxiety with sandalwood have been observed. 

A study investigating the effects of inhalation of East Indian sandalwood oil and its main compound, α-santalol, on human physiological parameters found that the compounds elevated pulse rate, skin conductance, and alleviate systolic blood pressure. Sandalwood Oil is Antiseptic 

– This oil is a good antiseptic agent and is safe for both internal and external application. It helps protect internal wounds and ulcers from infections; when applied to skin, it protects wounds, sores, boils, and pimples from getting infected. Sandalwood Oil is Anti-inflammatory 

– The essential oil and paste are effective as anti-inflammatory agents. They have a cooling effect and relieve all types of brain, digestive, nervous, circulatory, and excretory system inflammation, which result from infections, fevers, antibiotic side effects, insect bites, wounds, and poisoning. Sandalwood Oil is Antispasmodic 

– This oil works against spasms and contractions by relaxing nerves, muscles, and blood vessels. Sandalwood Oil is an Astringent 

– Although very mild, sandalwood oil can induce contractions in your gums, muscles, and skin, offering benefits like better muscle strength and a tighter skin. Sandalwood Oil can be used as a Deodorant 

– There are individuals who use sandalwood oil to relieve body odor. Sandalwood Oil is can be used as Disinfectant – Its fragrance keeps microbes and small insects away, which is why it is widely used in incense sticks, sprays, fumigants, and evaporators for disinfecting large areas. Sandalwood Oil is Emollient 

– It soothes skin, relieves inflammation and irritation, cures infections, and promotes a fresh, cool feeling. Sandalwood Oil can be used as an Expectorant – It is specifically effective in treating coughs, but it also fights the infections that cause the cough, cold, flu, or mumps. Sandalwood Oil is a Memory booster 

– Sandalwood oil improves memory and stimulates concentration. It keeps your brain cool and relaxed, and saves you from unnecessary stress and anxiety. Sandalwood Oil can be used as a Tonic 

– It is soothing on your stomach and the digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems, helping them function harmoniously.

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